The Homeboys Bio-Psycho-Social & Process Recording

Boogie’ With the Homeboys Bio-Psycho-Social & Process Recording :hoose one of the four main characters in the film: Johnny, V inny, Tom or Willie. 1. You work in a community mental health agency in the Bronx. The character you selected has come to your agency to work on an issue that is bothering them. Complete a bio-psycho-social based on the information presented in the film. You may also include other information that you “create” to fill out the bio-psycho-social such as “Vinny is the youngest of five children”; “Willie lives in the Kingsbridge section”; “Tom attended Lehman College”; “Johnny has worke in the supermarket for three years”; et cetera. At the end of the bio-psycho-social write an assessment of the client’s strengths and challenges as well as a projection of the client’s potential for success.. Complete a process recording of part of your interview with the client
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