The book Race, Real Estate and Unequal Development: The Kansas City Experience, 1900-2010 the book…

Reflective will be over the book Race, Real Estate and Unequal Development: The Kansas CityExperience, 1900-2010 the book is by Gotham, K.The first-page synthesize the key learnings from the book. What were the important ideas? The secondpage how should mainly focus on how this book might influence you (me) the beliefs and attitudes abouturban communities.
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The life of a celebrity compared to an average person’s life is very different. A rich person lives a more luxuries lifestyle than the average person does. The average person usually only owns a single home where as someone of wealth may own several homes. The normal person is not as fortunate as someone who is rich and can sometimes be envious of what the elite own. The average salary for a middle class family is $60,000 to $85,000 the minimum amount of money you need to live a comfortable lifestyle these days is around $50,000. In order to be considered wealthy it is over a million dollars and with that amount of money you can buy almost anything you want and never have to work again, that is if you are careful with your finances. A rich celebrity on television usually owns a couple of luxurious homes all over the world that’s why we get excited watching them on television and showing all that they own. We, as the viewers, are interested to see what the rich have spent their money on. While we are also jeal>

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