Task description

Task description Select two aspects of organisational behaviour from the range of concepts and theories considered in weeks 7-11 of the course (eg, organisational culture, structure, change and development; leadership; conflict, etc). Use these selected concepts to critically analyse and evaluate the capacity of an organization in which you are, or have have recently been, an active member to improve the performance and quality of working life for its participants. Through this evaluation, argue (explain, illustrate and justify) a case for the inter-relatedness of the concepts selected, that is, as exemplified by your organization, how do these concepts inter-relate in a dynamic or causal way, and thereby shape the nature of your organization? • NB – Choose an organisation that you are, or have have recently been, currently a member of and are active within. Use your experiences and understandings of the organisation to illustrate the behaviours you are describing and the points you are making. • NB – It is important to do more than describe the organization and the concepts you have selected. Rather, you are expected to argue a case for the inter-relatedness of the selected concepts as illustrated by your organization and its capacity for improvement. 

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