organisation in the services industry

The student is to select a business or organisation in the services industry (e.g., accommodation, resort, restaurant, tourism attraction, farm, destination management organisation etc.) and design a suitable strategy that will improve its competitive position.This requires:
Current strategic overview of the business/ organisation and its position in the industry.
Overview of the environmental forces and their likely impact on the business/organisation.
Based on your review and findings (points 1-2), propose a new strategy to improve the current performance of the business/ organisation (e.g., strategic approach, values, goals, HR practices, organisational culture, operations etc.). All propositions need to be sufficiently explained and supported with the relevant literature.
Discuss what leadership style and behaviours would most likely enable the implementation of your proposed strategy.
Notes:The chosen strategy and management practices should all be supported by creditable sources (referenced in APA style).A minimum of 15 references should be cited in-text and matched in the reference list.The word count excludes the title page, executive summary, table of contents, tables, figures and reference

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