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Respond to a minimum of three classmates by Sunday,May 12th @ 3 p.m. eastern time in the following manner: select ONE of the concepts highlighted by your classmate and describe how you could also use that new knowledge in your career.
Include at least 1 reference in each peer comment.
Cite references in the body and at the end in correct APA format.
Peer comments should have be at least one paragraph
Business Writing: During week three we learned about a few topics, but the one that I found most interesting was business writing and word choice. In business writing especially, it is important to know your target audience before drafting documents or speaking with someone directly (Lumen, 2019, keeping the audience in mind). Knowing your target audience will determine what kind of language you can/cannot use as well as how formal the structure should be. For example, you should avoid using a passive voice that may be misinterpreted in an email or over the phone. Additionally, jargon should only be used if the person using and receiving the message has a clear understanding of what is being discussed. ( This is what one of the classmate wrote, so now you have to respond to her write about BUSINESS WRITING how you can use that in HR/ Business career)..
Planning is a concept that stuck out. This concept provided many different ways to plan effectively. This can be extremely helpful for people who like to remain proactive. The types of planning included strategic, tactical, contingency, and operational. There is a specific type of planning for various people. ( This is what one of the classmate wrote, so now you have to respond to her write about Planning and also how you can use that in HR/ Business career)..
Week Five: New Technologies
This chapter briefly introduced a new concept, Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). Currently, manufacturing plants must stop the production line in order to produce a custom sized piece. (eBook Resources: New Technologies, n.d.) This increases the lead-time and slows down production, which can be detrimental to businesses. Most customers are impatient and do not want to wait additional time for their product. In order to compete investing in new technologies would benefit company’s. ( This is what someone wrote about , now please respond back)
Operations management is the management of controlling and creating the processes of producing goods and serves. Operation management outlines what is needed and how products and services are produced. (Operation Management, para. 3) ( This is what someone wrote , now please respond back.


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