learning environments depending

Students respond to learning environments depending on how they are designed. Discuss how a course designer can help to maximize student potential by integrating technology into the learning environment. Focus on the ethical and reflective decisions an instructional designer would make when selecting a learning model that meets the needs of diverse learners. The fifth ibstpi standard reads this way:
Identify and respond to ethical, legal, and political implications of design in the workplace. (essential)
a) Identify ethical, legal, and political dimensions of instructional design practice and instructional products (advanced)
b) Plan for and respond to ethical, legal, and political consequences of design decisions (advanced)
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APA format
2016-2019 reference format
c) Recognize and respect the intellectual property rights of others (essential)
d) Adhere to regulatory guidelines and organizational policies (essential)
e) Comply with organizational and professional codes of ethics (essential)
How do these standards apply in this scenario? Support your response with research and text concepts.

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