Issue or life crises related to a specific developmental period

Choose an issue or life crises related to a specific developmental period and design a social welfare program rooted in the values and ethics of the social work profession. Describe how our program will measure its effectiveness. Examine existing institutional responses to the specific issue and the population selected . The paper should clearly indicate an understanding of social policy, legislation existing and proposed programming and possible funding sources responding to the chosen areas of human need. What is the social problem that your proposed program addresses? How was the problem perceived and defined ? By home and why ? Are there differing views as of the definition of the problem ? And what Socio political context is the problem defined ? What is happening in the larger environment to account for current attention given to the problems ? How are its causes and nature understood ? What are its dimensions size , scope and trend ? Who are the participants calling for action on the problem? What kind of action is suggested and why? What objectives do they seek to accomplish and who do they represent ? Discuss the overall interventions that you have proposed in relation to the problem and issues of social justice , social policy and social programs . Analyze the policy/program selected one of the goals and objectives the benefits provisions to whom have they targeted how was the program administered and financed? Evaluate the policy and program in terms of allocation benefit administration and financing. Are there any anticipated consequences? Has the problem been redefined as a result of strategies attempted to date? Given the current political environment what further action is likely if any?
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