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LL is a 12 year old female presenting to her pediatrician, complaining of sore throat and cough. She has had some hoarseness in her voice over the past few days and subjective sweats but no documented fever. She has a history of seasonal allergies in the fall, and takes loratidine only during that season. Upon review of systems, she complains of isolated throat pain, without any rhinorrhea, sinus pressure, or headache. Her mother has been taking her temperature at home, and they have fluctuated from 97.8oF- 99.2oF.Vitals Tcurr 99.0oF, 37.2oC Heart Rate 115 bpm Respiratory Rate 18 bpm Blood Pressure 110/76 Oxygen Saturation 100, on room air Physical Exam General Relatively comfortable healthy child HEENT Pupils equally round and reactive to light and accommodation, no sinus tendemess, enlarged tonsils Neck Supple, mildposterior cervical lymphadenopathy
Based on the information provided above and the clinical guidelines for diagnosis and management for sore throat answer the following questions:1-What is your primary diagnosis and how do you support it, 2-Mention 3 differential diagnsosis 3-Therapeutic plan
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