Discuss the concept of persuasion.

Discuss the concept of persuasion.
Below is a list of six exam questions and their respective parts. As part of the mandatory portion of the exam, answer any three of the questions.
You may also answer others for extra credit. Please indicate which questions are to be graded as the mandatory questions and which as extra credit.
1) (a) From what you have learned about consumer behavior, how would you use this knowledge in your marketing efforts? In your response, make sure you demonstrate your consumer behavior knowledge by providing examples in terms breadth and depth within a marketing context. Don’t error by being to general. Be explicit in your response.
2) (a) Discuss the concept of persuasion. Conceptually, what do we mean by persuasion? (b) Why is this concept so important to marketing? (c) Provide three different approaches to persuasion and their corresponding situational factors.
3) (a) Design a general marketing strategy for a new brand of paper towel that is positioned as more economical because it has more sheets at the same price, yet has the same level of quality as other towels. (In most cases, consumers would regard paper towels as a low-involvement product.) (b) Now assume that the same manufacturer has identified a segment of paper towel users who are more involved with the product because they recognize many usage situations that require a high-quality towel. The company decides to introduce a heavier-weight/high-quality towel to this involved segment. How would this marketing strategy differ from the previous strategy?
4) (a) Discuss the types of consumer situations that are socially influenced. (b) What types of products might be purchased based upon social influences? (c) Provide examples of marketing strategies based upon social influences.
5) (a) Explain from a consumer behavior perspective, what are marketers actually attempting to do through those targeted? (b) Based upon your response in (a), provide explicit examples. (c) Again, from a consumer behavior perspective, how do marketers compete through those targeted? (d) Based upon your response in (c), provide explicit examples.
6) (a) It has been stated that word-of-mouth communication is the most important influence on consumer behavior. Why? (b) Under what circumstances are other types of communication (advertising, personal selling, information from government sources) likely to be more influential than word-of-mouth?

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