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•Select a peer-reviewed research article about a digital marketing topic.•First page –summarize the core concepts and conclusions•Second page –critical analysis (Which could include: Are their points valid? How could marketers use this information? Was there anything missed?)
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always leads to the kind of desire to look more beautiful. Photographer is always paid to create these kinds of powerful images to lure target audience. Still photography can create shock, adventure, fascination, disgust, anger, confusion. The photograph taken by weegee in 1940s image of a school children who see a murder in the street captured a fascination in that child’s eyes which fascinates the interpreter in a same way the child is fascinated by that scene. Still photography of nude woman or a man is always a simple object of sex; there is no subjectivity involved. It does not give anything myth it is never shocking or adventurous it is just taken to create desire to have sex. Barthes’s concepts are particularly applicable on examining the photographic truth; however it’s not very much applicable on film images and television news images. As in those cases it is the music and the sequence of frames which decides the meaning rather than a particular frame. Ideology plays a very important role in how an image is perceived by a viewer. Ideologies are system of beliefs that exists in all culture. It is a broad, shared sets of values and beliefs through which an individual lives in sets on complex social relationships. An ideology gives the viewer the perception to view image of a partially filled glass as ‘half filled’ or ‘half empty’. Ideology goes hand in hand with Barthe’s concept to denote the meaning of an image. Ideologies plays major role in interpretation of images it is different for different cultures based on their beliefs and values the way they live their life in particular society. One particular image can be adopted by one society or ideology but it could be taboo for another group of people. Like a picture of a pig on school books or images is very normal for one group of society but it could be understood as a taboo in Muslim Ideologies. In this case I can say perspective of the people differs from one society or ideology to another and this is a major fact how it is going to control the success of that image. Beliefs and set of rules is the major factor in interpretation of images and videos.>

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