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[The purpose of the research proposal is to identify and formulate questions which arise from nursing practice andto design a research project to study the identified problem.Directions:As students, you will be evaluating yourself and your peers in relation to your contributions tithe research
proposal.You and your instructor will use the following criteria to evaluate your group proposal. The proposal is a six tofifteen page paper. You need to provide a proposal outline to the faculty – classmates at the time of thepresentation. Discussion about the proposal with the faculty is strongly recommended.One point will be subtracted if the Research Proposal Evaluation is not attached to the proposal.Criteria to be addressed in the proposal:• Introduction (20 points)o Clearly stated problem and purpose of the studyo Independent and dependent variables.o Definition of terms.o Assumptions, hypothesis or questions (depending on research type)• Theoretical Framework (15 points)o Description of theoretical framework to be utilized.o Identification of concepts to be explored.o Rationale for choosing framework NURS 350
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• Review of the Literature (10 points)o Appropriateness of review and the proposal focus.o Inclusion of primary or secondary sources• Methodology (30 points)o Description of study type (quantitative or qualitative)o Description of study design.o Rationale for the use of the selected design.o Inclusion of sample size, type, sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria, setting, datacollection method (instrument) and data collection process.o Method for Protection of Human Subjects (consent). (Questionnaire and consent forms must beincluded as Appendices)• Data Analysis (10 points)o Data analysis method appropriate for study design.o Method of data analysis clearly stated.o Method for displaying findings is stated.• Applicability to Nursing (5 points)o Research focuses on a problem significant to nursing.o Research would contribute to nursing knowledge.o Proposal is complete so that another researcher could replicate the study.o Statement about areas of nursing that would benefit from this study.• APA Format (10 points)o Use of margins, headings, spelling is error-free, use of citations, and references.


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