Assignment: Pregnancy focus on sings of pregnancy.

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[Pregnancy focus on sings of pregnancy.
Nursing approach to lifespan development
pregnancy focus on sings of pregnancySecond about feeding focus on breast feeding.Nursing approach to the lifespanLearning JournalFor this assignment you are required to submit a Learning Journal of 1500 words (+/- 10%),A Learning Journal is an important learning tool for you as a student. It will not only be a record ofyour experience but also facilitate your learning. The process of constructing your journal will focusyour learning, clarify your thinking, develop your ability to think critically and improve your writingand presentation skills. This is a creative piece of work where you have the opportunity to expressyour individual learning style.You are required to consider two of the topics presented in class and document your analysis, synthesisand evaluation of the topics.You should present your work typed in A4 format, and any hand-drawn illustrations, such as mind maps,should be scanned and pasted in with the text – then photocopy the page. This is an opportunity todevelop your word processing and presentation skills. Careful thought should be given to presentationand arrangement of the journal.You should provide a brief introduction to the topics and then provide a conclusion describing yourlearning process and what you have learned.Choose ONE reflection method for each topic chosen (2 topics in total).The method you choose is tobecome the talking pointand is not counted in the word count – it is a starting point from which youwill develop your reflective piece. For example: developing a mind map about a topic – this is thetalking point from where you start – why did you choose this method? How did it help you to learn aboutthe topic? What did you learn about the topic? What evidence did you find in the literature?Use one method per topic:


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