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[Nursing and New Hampshire
Nursing and New Hampshire; RUP1 Project Western Governors University RUP1 Project As a nurse at The Cancer Center at St. Joseph Hospital I am committed to the safety and well-being of the patients I care for. In doing so I maintain my licensure, specialty certification, and continuing education credits. I will explain how the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, the Oncology Nurses Society, the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, Kristen M. Swansons (1999) middle range Theory of Caring and Florence Nightingale influence or influenced my nursing career.
Functional Differences; There are functional differences between the New Hampshire Board of Nursing(NHBON) and the Oncology Nurses Society, (ONS). NHBON protects the health, welfare and safety of the people of New Hampshire and holds nurses accountable to patients. NHBON ismade up of 11 board members all employed by the state of New Hampshire. Board members consist of five registered nurses one which must be and advanced practice registered nurse, two licensed practical nurses, two licensed nursing assistants, and two public members.
The Governor of New Hampshire appoints the board members. NHBON regulates the practice of nursing in New Hampshire, deals with complaints against nurses, takes disciplinary action against nurses if indicated, enforces New Hampshires nurse practice acts, and manages licensure for advanced practice registered nurses, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed nursing assistants. ONS is made up of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and six directors from the societys current membership. Officers and directors are elected by the members. ONS mission is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care(, 2014). ONS manages oncology nurse national certifications, will monitor pending or proposed legislation as relates to oncology nursing, and the members have a vote for electedpositions. ONS provides both local chapters and national resources for education and growth. I pay a fee to NHBON for renewal of my current license. I refer to the nurse practice acts shouldI have any questions to the legality as my role of a nurse in New Hampshire. ONS is a national organization specializing in the scope and standards of oncology nursing practice as theNHBON represents all the licensed nurses in the state of New Hampshire. I maintain my national oncology nurse certification through ONS and my registered nurse license through NHBON. Nursing Code Examples Provision 7 The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, educations, administration, and knowledge development (, 2001). I am furthering my education by enrolling in the RN to BSN program at Western Governors University. I also maintain my oncology nurse certification, chemotherapy and bio-therapy certification, and basic life support certifications to stay up to date with current practices. In my current role as an oncology nurse the right to self-determination has a major influence in my practice. I feel it is very important for the patient to be fully educated and made aware of all treatments, side effects to treatment, benefits to treatment, if it is palliative or curative so as to make an informed decision as to have treatment or not. Some may choose quality of life over quantity of life. It is my role to give the support, information, and non-biased opinions and respect the decision of the patient.Professional Traits Four professional traits that I would bring to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals are privacy, education, relationships to patients, and respect. It is very important to me to treat every patient with respect regardless of economic status or nature of…


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