Assignment: Identify a patient with whom you?ve worked directly who has complex medical/psychological issues

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[Identify a patient with whom you?ve worked directly who has complex medical/psychological issues
Identify a patient with whom you?ve worked directly who has complex medical/psychological issues. As your goal in this assignment will be to pose a theory about the contributing factors that led to their hospitalization, make sure you select a patient with a rich enough set of symptoms to allow for a thoughtful and complex paper. A patient for this assignment must have both medical and psychological issues.
Requirements:Part I: Background (approximately 2 pages)Offer background on the patient and establish the problems you see in the patient that warrant the writing of this paper. In other words, why is this case particularly interesting and worthy of writing about. Include statistics that highlight the prevalence of the conditions in patients overall and note any important peculiarities this patient has that differentiates them from more general statistics. *This section is only reporting on key factors and not making any evaluative moves.
Part II: Nursing Diagnosis (1 page)Identify the key problem(s) you see. This problem might, of course, be interrelated to other problems, which also would require note. However, your objective is to identify the nature of the problem that would require your action. Justify why this problem is the most important one that requires intervention, which means establish its importance relative to other potential issues you could address for that patient. Merely stating that a problem is important will not be sufficient; you need to establish the relative importance of the problem contrasted to other problems.
Part III: Research-supported Rationale for Intervention (7 pages)Evaluate the NURSING research relevant to your patient?s key condition in order to formulate a comprehensive plan for helping the patient. This must explore discrepancies in the literature about how to best address a given issue, meaning that choosing an issue where the literature offers an obvious and easy remedy would be insufficient for this assignment. This overall justification must therefore weigh different perspectives, evidence, and studies against one another, meaning that you must defend your choices relative to the evidence and relative to other possible viable choices. Furthermore, you must justify how your plan also incorporates your consciousness about the five ways of knowing, something you also can use to support your defense. IN other words, there might be certain courses of action that are viable but not necessarily ethical, which is something you could use to tease out the complexity of the issue. In sum, this section should evaluate the research relative to available evidence and differing perspectives, as well as to feasibility and the ways of knowing. It should address the full realistic complexity of the situation and justify your plan as an expert model.


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