Assignment: How did democratic athenians vote?

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[How did democratic athenians vote?
1) How did democratic Athenians vote?
a) They used black and white stones to signify “yes” and “no” in a vote.
b) By shouting in unison for the option they preferred.
c) Raised their hands and where counted by a city official.
d) They wrote their vote down on paper, to be tallied later.
2) What did the Athenians discover that allowed Themistocles to build a large navy?
a) A number of precious jewels.
b) A gold mine.
c) A vein of silver.
d) The ability to smelt iron and make iron tools.
3) The name of Athen’s maritime empire, orginally founded as a group of city-states banding together against Persia, was the:


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