Assignment: Does Use of Service-based Learning Affect Faculty Evaluations by Students?

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[Does Use of Service-based Learning Affect Faculty Evaluations by Students?
Physical therapy has become one of the fastest growing, in-demand occupations in the job market today. With the increasing demand for physical therapists in the upcoming decades, there will be greater importance for universities to not only graduate and produce a greater number of physical therapists, but more competent physical therapists at a much earlier stage in their careers. As will be argued here, the use of service-based learning can contribute to the goal of graduating more competent new graduate physical therapists through improved critical thinking, self-efficacy, and professional empowerment as will be shown by student feedback. While there are clear benefits to the use of service-based learning, as reported in the literature, the problem is that the largest barriers to implementation of service-based learning tend to be faculty imposed. This study utilizes a case study research design to analyze if service-based learning improves course evaluations reported by students as compared to a lecture only-based learning model. Using qualitative evaluation methodology, this study aims to investigate how service based learning affects teacher evaluations by students. Data will be collected using student surveys and student reflection papers to determine how service-based learning effects student’s perception of faculty teaching methods to determine if service-based learning can be seen as a preferred method of content delivery. Barriers to service-based learning will also be discussed.


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