Assignment: Describe the philosophical perspective of qualitative research.

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[Describe the philosophical perspective of qualitative research.
Describe the philosophical perspective of qualitative research.Describe evidence-based practice (EBP) and its relationshipto nursing research, nursing practice, and healthcare.(Domain – Educative Practice, Evidence-informed Practice,‘Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)
2. Articulate and discuss the importance of research inadvanced nursing practice. (Domain – Evidence-informedPractice; Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)
3. Discuss the evolution of research and measurement in theadvanced practice clinical setting. (Domain – EducativePractice, Evidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)
4. Differentiate between common assumptions and types ofquantitative and qualitative research (Domain – Evidence-infonned Practice; Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)
5. Differentiate between the steps of the quantitative andqualitative research process implemented in different types ofpublished quantitative and qualitative studies. (DomainEvidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)
6. Describe the philosophical perspective of qualitative research.(Domain – Evidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)
7. Describe how epistemology directs research questions andthe collection and interpretation of data in quantitative andqualitative research. {Domain – Evidence-informed Practice;Process – Schoiarship, Patient Safety)
8. Explore the research processes for conductingphenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, historicalresearch, and exploratory descriptive qualitative research.(Domain – Evidence-infonned Practice; Process – Scholarship)


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