Assessment item 2back to topMasters Research Progress ReportValue: Satisfactory/UnsatisfactoryDue…

Assessment item 2back to topMasters Research Progress ReportValue: Satisfactory/UnsatisfactoryDue Date: 26-Jul-2019Return Date: 19-Aug-2019Length: 1000-1500 wordsSubmission method options: EASTS (online)Taskback to topUsing the following format and with reference to your Research Proposal (assessment item 1) and in consultation with your supervisor(s), provide a description of your progress to date.All sections of the report must be completed, including a comment from your supervisor(s) along with their signature/s (scanned or electronic).PROGRESS REPORTStudent Name (number):Supervisor(s):Research Topic/ Provisional title of dissertation:1. Using your Research Proposal (assessment item 1) to guide you, please describe in concrete detail your progress to date. Be sure to identify tasks you have completed and tasks yet to be completed, using your original timeline to show tasks/phases already completed and tasks/phases yet to be completed.2. Outline your plans for completion and likelihood of submission of the dissertation on or before the due date3. General comments and signature (student)4. General comments and signature (supervisor/s)Rationaleback to topThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:• be able to undertake independent research in the fields of Social Work/Human Services practice and Social Policy AnalysisTo provide an indication to the student, their supervisor and the Subject Coordinator, of the progress of the research project and dissertation and to encourage timely completion of a worthwhile Master’s level research project.Marking criteria and standardsback to topUnsatisfactory SatisfactoryThe Progress Report is not complete and/or not submitted by the date and/or does not include the Supervisor’s signature.The Progress Report indicates serious lack of progress and there is inadequate planning for completion and/or the Supervisor recommends ‘US’. All sections of the Progress Report have been completed in adequate, concrete detail.Progress is adequate and corresponds to the timeline for completion.Presentationback to topUse the format provided in the ‘task’ section to structure your report.Wherever possible, follow the generic presentation guidelines in this Subject Outline.______________GENERAL PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS:• Margins should be sufficiently wide to accommodate text boxes used by markers to provide feedback throughout the dissertation.• 1.5 or double spacing.• 12 point font (Arial, Times New Roman or other ‘plain’ font).• Use headings and sub-headings to identify the sections and sub-sections of the dissertation.• A header or footer must be used, including the following – student name/number, subject code, page number.• Ensure grammar, spelling and punctuation are checked and corrected before submission.

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