Analysis of Strategic Factors Situational Analysis

Analysis of Strategic Factors Situational Analysis
Suggested Research Report Format:
You can select the company you want to research;
You need to submit a research proposal by March 11th that includes:
Target Company / Description – The reasons for your choice, – Outline of your research report
Research paper will be no more than 5 pages, including references; 12-point font; double-
spaced; Images, charts, maps, graphs, etc. should be placed in appendices (these should
be in addition to the 10 written pages).
A. Current Situation
Current Performance
Strategic Posture
a. Mission
b. Objective
B. Analysis of Strategic Factors
Situational Analysis (SWOT)
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
C. Marketing Strategy
Current Marketing Strategies
Recommended Marketing Strategy
Resources for Research
Company Information
Annual Report
Securities and Exchange Commission Annual Report Form 10-K and 10-Q
Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives.
Value Lin’s Investment Survey


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