Accounting Quality

Based on the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC reporting requirements for publicly traded companies:
1) Assess the roles of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of a public company for establishing an ethical environment that generates quality accounting and reliable financial reporting for use by shareholders and investors. Provide support for your assessment.
2) Recommend a strategy for a CEO to implement, leading to an ethical environment that leads to high-quality accounting, reporting, and forecasting. Provide support for your recommendation.
3) Suggest how corporate management can provide assurances to investors that the performance forecast and expected earnings will be realized, minimizing the volatility of the stock price. Provide support for your suggestions.
4) Evaluate the consequences to a publicly traded company when there is a lack of quality within financial accounting and reporting, indicating how these consequences may be minimized. Provide support for your answer.
5) Assess the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act related to accounting quality, indicating whether or not you believe the requirements are sufficient to protect stockholders and potential investors. Provide support for your position.
Sample Solution

“Photography is a thoughtful crude theater, a sort of Tableau Vivant, a figuration of the unmoving and made up face underneath which we see dead”- Roland Barthes (1982), Camera Lucida: Reflection on Photography: (Fontana Paperbacks).p.32 In bygone era individuals used to play the characters of the plays where they used to demonstrate their feelings by indicating various looks and the goal was to make dramatization before the general population to draw out those feelings which was the prerequisite of the play however inside their make-ups and dresses they are not similar individuals which they depict in theater .so as said by barthe’s Photography is additionally sort of theater where individuals stances and attempt to mirror themselves by appearing out of them the full grinning countenances in the event that it is a photo of a family everyone will stand nearer to one another clasping hands embracing and kissing so in photos individuals endeavor to indicate what significance in ought to pass on to the watcher it doesn’t make a difference what amount do they cherish one another or abhor each other as a general rule. “Charles Pierce worked with a to some degree distinctive model where the signifier ( Word/Image ) is recognized from the implied (which means) yet additionally from the referent , or the item itself . Moreover puncture characterized classifications of signs dependent on various types of connection among signifiers and connoted, for example penetrate made a refinement between indexical, notable, and emblematic signs.” Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright(2001), Practices of looking: An Introduction to Visual culture(Oxford: Oxford University Press), P.20 Notable and emblematic signs dependably assumes a noteworthy job in Image world , For a precedent picture of mother and youngster dependably gives the straight importance of parenthood , love and friendship it is general it is comprehended in every one of the dialects and by every one of the general population. Picture of popular on-screen character Marilyn Monroe is a notable image of sex and excellence since long time her notorious picture hasn’t changed. In each image the truth and portrayal isn’t really same a few pictures the manner in which they are taken and how a picture taker speaks to it in the front of watchers is completely reliant on his abilities how he will customize the specific occasion and by doing choice and encircling what it looks like; Here comes the control part every image isn’t introduced similarly as an article to make subjectivity he needs to comprehend the correct edge positions and confining. This thing is extremely normal in business universe of ads and film making, executive dependably focus on some gathering of people and he raises certain issues to think what sway it will give subsequent to including sound and special visualizations and graphical impacts. In quiet films everything is communicated by appearing and body signal of the characters. In Advertisement of Benetton where a dark woman is nursing a white infant gives direct effect of bigotry where in hints loads of significance to various gathering of individuals and each time this image says various stories a few people may decipher it depends on solidarity, bondage or>

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